BDD and testing with Cucumber

Team training by our behaviour driven development experts

  • Core principles behind BDD will be understood by everyone
  • Interactive and varied training techniques support all team members
  • Unique and practical take-home tools ensure successful BDD adoption

For the whole team

  • Training packages are tailored to what is relevant for your team
  • Examples can be drawn from what’s real for your team’s projects
  • Ongoing coaching available to support successful BDD adoption

Your BDD journey

In the best hands

  • Training course designed and delivered by Hindsight BDD experts
  • Years of practical experience helping companies to implement BDD
  • Our trainers are renowned worldwide as speakers in the agile space

Training fitted to your team

Day 1

For everyone involved in the software development process who is interested in improving the product development lifecycle - product owners, business analysts, software developers, testers and QA, scrum developers

For developers and testers

Day 2

Course prerequisites

Day 1

No coding experience required, suitable for all involved stakeholders

Should have basic knowledge of writing Java code, but previous knowledge of any testing framework not required

Day 2

Who is this course for?

The training was particularly helpful to understand what BDD actually is, and its use for driving out questions through conversations and collaboration

Susan Maslin, Test Team Lead at Radius Payment Solutions

What happens on the course?

Learning a new technique that’ll make a positive impact on software projects doesn’t just happen in a couple of days on a course. An expertly delivered course will get your team off to a great start - everyone on the same page - but quality training will also equip everyone with tools, and support where required, to really go the distance and ensure you benefit from the investment.

  • Practical take-home tools and accessible techniques for BDD adoption are provided in the course
  • Follow-up coaching is available for regular support and to ensure successful adoption of BDD techniques by the team in the “real world”

Delivered over 2 days, the focus is on understanding, application and analysis of BDD techniques. You’ll learn:

  • Describe and understand the principles of BDD, including the impact of requirements problems
  • Use Gherkin syntax to write examples, avoiding common anti-patterns
  • Discover and clarify requirements with collaboration techniques that encourage questions and review all actors, personas and roles affected

  • Understand and create step definitions in Cucumber-JVM
  • Automate BDD tests
  • Integrate BDD with web applications and Selenium

Day 1

Day 2

What happens after the course?

Mark Winteringham is our agile testing evangelist and lead BDD trainer, dedicated to getting the best for Hindsight customers by making sure BDD is successfully implemented. Mark is a coach, teacher, mentor, tester and also well-known on the international conference circuit where he’s regularly found presenting workshops and talks. In 2017 Mark was voted joint 8th in Agile Testing Days list of most influential agile testing professionals.

About our lead trainer

Looking for a public BDD training course?

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