But the training needs to have traction if you want BDD to be a success

Training in BDD techniques sets your team on the right path

Discover BDD training with traction and empower your agile team

BDD training with traction

To start, you’ve got our 2-day course:

  • Day 1 is focused on understanding the principles of BDD and how to collaborate as a team to clarify software requirements. It is suitable for anyone involved in the software process and does not require any coding experience.
  • Day 2 is more technical with a focus on converting requirements into automated acceptance tests using Cucumber-JVM. It is suitable for developers and testers.

To successfully embed valuable BDD practice, BDD training needs to have traction. This means bridging the gap between the eager learning activity and the familiarity of the team’s day-to-day work. 

To continue, you’ve got support on hand so that BDD becomes second nature: 

  • Practical take-home tools and accessible techniques for BDD adoption are provided in the course. 
  • Follow-up coaching in real-world BDD application for your team is included.

Discover BDD training with traction and empower your agile team

Making BDD second nature for your team is what makes us tick

Developed by Alan Parkinson and Mark Winteringham from the Hindsight team, this training programme draws upon their vast experience applying BDD in organizations both large and small – including here at Hindsight Software where BDD underpins our own software development practice. We have been delivering BDD training for more than 5 years, so you can be confident that we’ll help your team to grasp the knowledge and understanding, and mobilize the commitment to teamwork, that are required to successfully embed valuable BDD practice.  

You'll want more than our word for it

The training was particularly helpful to understand what BDD actually is, and its use for driving out questions through conversations and collaboration

Susan Maslin, Test Team Lead at Radius Payment Solutions

Seeing how the features / scenarios / user stories expanded into more detail as the day progressed

Opening the door to BDD

See what recent attendees particularly valued about the training course:

Translating examples to Gherkin syntax

Useful examples and 



Abstracting page objects in the Selenium examples

BDD tools configuration and setting up examples

Getting thoughts and ideas shared, and working with other roles in the business which would not normally be the case

Familiarization with new techniques

Discover BDD training with traction and empower your agile team

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